Listing Policy

This listing policy is stated to inform you of the items/ads that are prohibited on For use of our site, you agree that you shall not list, post or provide information that is illegal. Please, take a moment to review the items which are not allowed to be advertised on Glutgoods.

Prohibited items on

1. Counterfeit products.

2. Endangered species.

3. Firecrackers.

4. Adoption of children & babies.

5. Pornographic materials.

6. Religious items.

7. Explosives and explosives substances.

8. Government IDs and licenses.

9. Hazardous chemicals.

10. illegal drugs.

11. High school diplomas, university certificates.

12. Police and military items.

13. Political.

14. People looking for a relationship.

15. Pharmaceutical products.

16. Multi-level marketing(MLM), pyramid, and Ponzi schemes.

17. Weapons.

18. Human organs remain.

19. Stolen items, properties.

20. Illegal products prohibited to sell by law.

Consequences of listing policy violation:

1. Glutgoods will report the user to the law enforcement agencies.

2. Users may be permanently blocked from accessing this website.

3. Suspension of membership.